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Salutis Meae

I always thought that I would never see past the age of nineteen. 

Growing up the way I did, that was normal. It was normal for parents to plan their kids' funerals. 

But I was able to get out of that life and create a better one for my family and myself. Even if I was still being seen as a lowlife.  

Most people saw the tattoos and the clothes and would steer away, most people except her. 

Savannah Campbell. The cheerleader. The rich girl who had no business getting involved with the boy from the bad side of town, but she didn’t care. I hated her until I didn't and in a short period of time she became my everything. Including my salvation. 

We were happy. 

That is until everything I feared came knocking and brought everything down. 

Now I have to ask, if I was able to live past the age of nineteen…

Am I going to live past tonight?

Salutis Meae

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