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A College, Friends with Benefits Romance

Everyone has a broken piece eating at them.

Some are just better at hiding that broken piece than others. I'm the type of person that hides everything she feels.
At least, I try to.

There are moments where I just want to let the broken piece take me away, so I don’t have to live with the guilt anymore.

But when an old face comes into my life, I try my hardest to keep my broken pieces away from him. I try my hardest to not let my broken self show.
It was working, I was doing it. Until I gave in and shattered everything.

I want to give this man in my life, everything that I have.
I want to open up to him, give him my heart.
But I doubt he wants to be with someone that is so broken like me


Posting “certain types” of pictures online is never a good idea. 

Especially when you’re the star player of your college football team. 

⁣But I did it anyway. ⁣Never did I think that by posting my pictures online that I would find someone that I would actually be interested in.

⁣But I did.

I saw her pictures, she commented on mine and the conversations were nonstop. She was the girl of my dreams and I wanted to meet her. Who knew that the girl of my dreams was the shy girl that sat next to me all semester. 

⁣Now that I know who she is, I want my shot. Only if she would give it to me. Every chance she gets I get turned down, but I’m not giving up. ⁣

I will show her that she is worth it, even if she may not think so. ⁣⁣


A football, college romance


A mafia romance with an age-gap romance between a nanny and the mafia boss


The world that we live in is a very dark place. Everywhere you look there is blood looming. There are powerful individuals waiting for you to take your last breath. Powerful individuals that would strap you to a chair and let you suffer. It’s those powerful men and women that took my father from me, the ones I’m going after. Starting with Dante Rossetti. He called the hit that took the most meaningful person in my life down. I will take him down, watch every inch of his life burn to a crisp, even if I have to pretend to be someone else entirely and lie my way into his life.  I will destroy the man that everyone calls the devil and he won’t see a thing that is coming his way.


A baseball, fake dating romance

I had everything going for me. 

Drafted right out of college. Signed a multimillion dollar contract. Slated to become a hall of famer. 

All my prospects were looking up… Until a diagnosis caused me to ruin everything.

It took me a season to destroy my career and now I have to work to repair it.

Step 1 : Get clean.

Step 2 : Show my new team that their investment isn’t a waste. 

Step 3 : Find a woman and convince her to be my fake girlfriend and make my mom happy.

1 and 2, I got a handle on. Step 3 is turning out to be a lot harder than I thought. Finding a woman was a piece of cake, convincing her is a different story. 

Jen Zaragosa is hardheaded, feisty, and a pain in my behind. But even with her being all those things, I start to fall for her 

And hard. 

This started out as something to make my mom happy and it’s turning into me planning our future together.

Jen is my grand slam and there is nothing fake about it. 


An enemies to loves, single dad, college romance

I always thought that I would never see past the age of nineteen. 

Growing up the way I did, that was normal. It was normal for parents to plan their kids' funerals. 

But I was able to get out of that life and create a better one for my family and myself. Even if I was still being seen as a lowlife.  

Most people saw the tattoos and the clothes and would steer away, most people except her. 

Savannah Campbell. The cheerleader. The rich girl who had no business getting involved with the boy from the bad side of town, but she didn’t care. I hated her until I didn't and in a short period of time she became my everything. Including my salvation. 

We were happy. 

That is until everything I feared came knocking and brought everything down. 

Now I have to ask, if I was able to live past the age of nineteen…

Am I going to live past tonight?



Billionaire, Age-Gap, Marriage of Convenience, Single Guardian, Workplace Romance



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