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Flor de Muertos Series

Each book in the series can be read as a standalone but for the best experience its best to be read in order.



Flor de Muertos #1

Cartel, Dark Romance. Surprise Vegas Wedding

The son of the most dangerous Kingpin in Mexico.

The heir to the throne.

The man that individuals fear the most, next to my father.

According to my father those are things that I should be proud of. I should be proud of my heritage and wear it on my back with honor.

I’ll honor my heritage but I will not honor the path that is set out for me. The life that my father lives is not for me. I will do anything in my power to walk away from that life, and that apparently includes getting married in Vegas after a night of drinking.

She’s beautiful, everything that I have ever wanted, but I can’t have her. Not with the life that I live.
Not with the blood I have on my hands.


Flor de Muertos #2

Cartel, Dark Romance. Brother's best friend, arranged marriage


She was a Cartel Princess. 
I was a soldier. A helping hand. A life that didn’t matter. 
None of that stopped me from falling in love with her the first time I laid eyes on her. 
This Cartel Princess was everything to me. 
And I was able to show her, but only in secret.
After years of hiding I had finally found the courage to tell her father, but he announced he’d arranged a marriage for her. One that will bound families. 
One that is all about power and money.
The man that she is set to marry is a dangerous man. He doesn’t love her. He only wants her for the money and power that she comes with. 
I need to try my hardest to stop this arrangement. 
No matter how much blood I shed. 
Isabella Morales is mine. 


Flor de Muertos #3

Cartel, Dark Romance. Age gap, secret identity 


I had one job and one job only.

Bring down the most notorious drug lord known to man.

Dead or alive, that was it.

As I worked the case more and more, the lines started getting blurred. I made enemies where I wasn’t supposed to and friends in places that would get me killed.

Then I met her, at a bar in Brooklyn of all places. She became the one thing in my life that was a constant, the one thing that made the dark hole I was in, as bright as could be. She was younger but that didn’t matter to either of us. I was starting to see a future with her. That is until I heard her cries of despair for her father.

That man I’m supposed to take down?

That man is the father of the woman I love.

A federal agent falling for a kingpin’s daughter never ends well.

This series is a cartel/mafia romance. There are some aspect that are dark. There are points within each book that murder, gun violence and blood are visuals. These aspect can be triggers for some readers.  

The ebooks are available on KindleUnlimited and paperbacks can be found everywhere. 
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