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Less Than Perfect Book (Slight Damaged)

Sometimes when ordering books for inventory, they arrive a little bit less than perfect. It could be the cover, it could be the pages, or it could be that there is a different book printed on the last two pages. It could also be that they are perfect but I wrote the wrong name when signing. I've been collecting them and wanted to offer them at a discount price. 


There are two different types of less than perfect, Scratch & Dent and Personalization Mistake.


  • Scratch & Dent - This means the book has cosmetic issues. It could be that the cover is folded or the spine but its not fallign a part. It could be that the book was printed the wrong size and it has white lines. The damage on the book is minor and will not effect the ability to read the book.
  • Personalization Mistake - This means this has a spelling error or mistake that was done during personalization. Sometimes I read a name wrong or misspell a name. Does not have cosmetic defects and does not effect the ability to read the book. If you recieve a book with the wrong Personalization, I will cross out that name and add yours. 


Less Than Perfect Book (Slight Damaged)


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