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Fake Love

I had everything going for me. 

Drafted right out of college. Signed a multimillion dollar contract. Slated to become a hall of famer. 

All my prospects were looking up… Until a diagnosis caused me to ruin everything.

It took me a season to destroy my career and now I have to work to repair it.

Step 1 : Get clean.

Step 2 : Show my new team that their investment isn’t a waste. 

Step 3 : Find a woman and convince her to be my fake girlfriend and make my mom happy.

1 and 2, I got a handle on. Step 3 is turning out to be a lot harder than I thought. Finding a woman was a piece of cake, convincing her is a different story. 

Jen Zaragosa is hardheaded, feisty, and a pain in my behind. But even with her being all those things, I start to fall for her 

And hard. 

This started out as something to make my mom happy and it’s turning into me planning our future together.

Jen is my grand slam and there is nothing fake about it. 

Fake Love

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