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Passing The Red Line

The majority of my life has centered around one thing and one thing only. 


Being the daughter of a player, I know the ins and outs of the sport. Including the hurt that can come with it. 

I’ve grown to hate it.

That hate runs so deep that when a player steps into my life in a towel, I do everything I can to hate him too. 

After a few summer nights, though, it starts to become impossible. 

Especially as the season starts and we spend more time together when I take the position as lead photographer on his team. 

The same team my dad coaches.

Now I’m back in the hockey world, falling for a grumpy hockey player I should want nothing to do with and dealing with my dad and his apologies. 

Fingers crossed being back in this world doesn’t hurt me anymore than it already has.

Passing The Red Line

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