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Vindictive Valentine

A Vindictive Blood Bonus Scene



I look at the canvas in front of me trying to figure out what I just painted. At first glance it looks like a giant blob of nothingness, but as I keep turning my head I see that it’s anatomical heart hidden within the color. I give the canvas a few more brush strokes and it looks almost perfect. The only thing missing is the names. 

I’m putting the finishing touches on the E when my phone starts ringing through the speakers of the studio. We’ll it’s an bedroom but I told Nate until we have kids it will be a studio. He was okay with that.

Grabbing the phone from where it sits on the stool next to me, I see who it is and smile. 

“Detective.” I say as I answer the phone. 

“Hi, beautiful girl.” Just hearing his voice makes me wish he was here with me so that he could be doing dirty things to me. 

Speaking of which.

“Are you almost home? Don’t we have reservations or something?” Today is valentine’s day and while I usually would go all out, I wanted a break this year. Especially with everything that happened with my father and Nate last year. Nate wanted to do something though, so we agreed on dinner. A part of me may be a little excited. 

“Yeah, that’s why I’m calling.” he says and even through the phone I know he is cringing a bit and running his hand through his hair. 

Instantly, I’m all too aware of things. 

“You are coming home, right?” There is silence on the other end that makes me grind my teeth. “Nathaniel.” 

He lets out a sigh. “Something came up.”

“What came up?” If it's for work, I understand, but if it’s—

“Your brother called.” 

I start to grind my teeth. Ever since Nate and I got back to the place we once were, my brother has been using the fact that Nate is a federal agent to his advantage. I usually don’t care but today’s valentines day. Okay I was more than excited about celebrating today with Nate.  

“What did my brother say?” I ask through my teeth. 

“He needs me to fly to Austin to help him with some information regarding a street level dealer.” 

    “And you can’t do that from here because?” This whole thing has my suspicions rising. 

    “I don’ t know, but he wants me there tonight.” 

    I let out a growl, a legit growl. “¿Este idiota no sabe que esta jugando con mis planes?”

    Does Leo really think that he can call someone and have them drop everything just because he says? 

    Es el rey.

    King or drug lord, I don’t give a shit. 

    “Cami.” Nate’s voice comes through the other side. There is a warning in his tone telling me that I need to calm down. 

    “Did you tell him that we have plans?” I can’t believe Leo is doing this. Is he going to keep his wife hanging? Probably not, because Serena takes priority. Stupid Leo. 

“I did, and he doesn’t care. I’m on the next flight out.” 

“And when is that?” 

“In ten minutes.”

“You’re calling me from the airport?!” Who the hell calls when they are already about to leave? The least my brother could have done was tell Nate to bring me along too so our night isn’t completely ruined. But he didn’t because he probably has it in his head that I need to stay away from all cartel business. 


“Baby, I’m sorry. I promise I will make it up to you.” 

I continue to grumble as he speaks. “Fine go, but I swear to god Nathaniel, if you come home with even a scratch on you, both you and my brother are dead and if Santos is involved, he’s dead too.” 

Nate chuckles, thinking I’m joking. I’m not. “You got a deal.” 

I let out a sigh, looking at the canvas in front of me. So much for having him hang it up tonight. “Come home to me?”

“Always. I love you, baby girl.”

“I love you too.” 

The call ends and as soon as it does, I’m dialing up my brother. And I don't bother with just a regular phone call. This fucker is getting a A video call. I need to see his face when I rip him a new one. 

Leo’s face takes over my screen after the third ring. 

“Camila.” He says with a smile. He’s holding his son, Noah and I try my hardest not to be distracted by my nephew’s cuteness. 

“I need you to put the kid down.” I tell him, my eyes narrowed at him. 

“And why would I do that?” 

    “Because I’m about to yell at you and I don’t want him to hear it.” I say through my teeth, and he has the audacity to roll his eyes at me.

    “¿Qué quieres, Camila?”

    “You ruined my Valentine’s Day plans. Did you really have to call Nate and have him fly out there right this very second? It couldn’t have waited until tomorrow?” My arms are flapping everywhere and I’m sure if he was here, I would be trying to strangle him. 

    “What are you talking about? I didn’t tell him to fly out.” Leo’s face is every shade of confusion. 

    “Yes, you did. He’s at the airport right now about to fly out to Austin. At your fucking request.” My brother is shaking his head before I can even finish my sentence. 

    “Sorry. I haven’t talked to him in a few days and I sure as hell didn’t ask him to come to Austin.” 

    Nate lied to me. 

    Why in the hell would he lie? 

    Oh my god, is he cheating on me? That has to be it. Why else would he make up a stupid lie about going to Austin? He’s probably meeting his side piece somewhere. 

    That fucker. 

    “I need you to track Nate’s phone.” I tell Leo. 

    “And what makes you think that I can do that?” 

    “Because you’re the damn Kingpin you can do anything you want.” 

    Leo looks at me like I’ve lost my mind and maybe I have, but either way he’s nodding. 

    “I’ll send you his location in  a few minutes.” 

    “Thank you.” 

    Sorry, Nate. You are not going to leave me for a side piece. I’m Camila fucking Morales. 




    Did I have to lie to Cami? No, I could have told her the truth. I just wanted to ruffle a few feathers and wanted to see if she would figure it out. 

    Given the text message I just got from her brother, she did. 

    I’ve been planning this for a while, but because of school I knew that Cami would never go for it. So I did everything in secret. I booked the hotel, I packed her bag and I talked to Leo about letting me use the family place. 

    Everything was in place. I just needed Cami to show up so that we can jet off. 

    That is if she’s not so pissed off by my actions that she leaves as soon as I tell her what I’m doing. 

    Hearing tires against the asphalt, I know she just arrived so I guess I’m about to find out if this plan worked or not. 

    I continue to sit in the leather seat, and keep my eyes towards the front of the plane. A car door slams shut and I know I’m only seconds away from witnessing the fire that is Camila.

    Within seconds she is storming onto the plane with fire and anger radiating off every inch of her body. 

She looks around the plane before eyes settle on me.    

“You have the fucking audacity to ditch me to take your fucking side piece somewhere, on MY family’s plane. Where fuck is she?” 

Camila storms past my seat and marches straight to the back, in search for someone that isn’t there. 

“Where is who?” I’m up from my seat and sliding my hands into the pockets of my slacks. 

“The damn skank that you’re cheating on me with. Where is she so I can pull out her nasty hair.” It’s a good thing that the flight attendant is in the front then.

“Camila. I’m not cheating on you.” Of all the scenarios that I thought of, this one was at the top of the list. I had my suspicions that Cami would have instantly thought that I was cheating and I was right.

“Really? Then why the hell did you lie to me, huh? Where the hell are you traveling to that you felt the need to do it without me.” She may be saying the words through her teeth, but I can see right through Cami. She’s mad but she is also sad about this whole thing. 

I think that I should come clean. 

I step closer to her, placing my hands on her waist and bring her to me. Even when she’s prepared for battle she still melts in my hands and lets me lean in and place a chast kiss against her pout. 

“I’m not cheating on you.” I say against her lips. 

“Then why did you lie to me?” 

“Because I like when this side of you comes out.” The comment earns me a slap on the chest and I just laugh it off, placing my lips right under her ear. “I lied because I knew that I would never get you to agree with my plan since you have school tomorrow.” 

“And what is this plan of yours?” All the fight in her gone. 

I take her earlobe between my teeth. “I was thinking, me, you, and the city of Rome. Spend a few days exploring and wandering through the streets. Going into any art museum you want. Maybe even bring back a few pieces.” 

I feel Cami’s hands on my own waist, closing the distance between us. 


I nod against her neck. “Yes, really.” 

“You want to take me to Rome for Valentine’s day”

Again I nod. “I do, I even packed a bag for you and everything.” 

“So, you’re not cheating on me?” 

I chuckle against her skin before pulling away from her slightly. “I would never cheat on you. And I’m sure if I ever did, which I won’t, your brother would be dropping me deep in the ocean before you’d find out what I was doing.” 

“True.” She says, taking her bottom lip between her teeth. “We’re really going to Rome?”

I nod. “If you want to, yeah.” 

“I want to.”

“Then we are going to Rome.” Cami yells in excitement and she jumps into my arms, wrapping her delectable body around mine, and grabbing my face.“I love you.” 

“I love you too.” I press my lips to hers and for a few minutes we get lost in each other. Eventually we pull apart and are taking our seats so that the plane could take off. 

“I can’t believe you are taking me to Rome.” 

“I will take you anywhere you want. Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful girl.” 

“Happy Valentine’s Day, detective.” 

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